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1 Ιουλίου 2015

Ernest Kohl "No Love" (Thomas Bainas Remixes a.m.m) New release 2015

  • Original Release Date: June 30, 2015
  • Release Date: June 30, 2015
  • Label: Emg / Universal Music Group Inc
  • Copyright: 2015 Ernest Kohl
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No Love (Thomas Bainas Hi-Nrg Extended Club Remix) 6:16 
No Love (Thomas Bainas Hi-Nrg Radio Remix) 4:09
No Love (The Thomas Bainas Crystal Extended Club Remix) 6:16
No Love (The Thomas Bainas Crystal Radio Remix) 3:56

The song underscores a few important things about ‘Love’. 
There are things you can’t recover in the realm of ‘Love’: 
The moment after it’s missed. 
The word after it’s said. 
The time after it’s wasted. 
So when you realize it just isn’t working, even if you’d like it to, 
it’s time to move on. It’s just a chapter in your life, you don’t 
have to close the book on ‘Love’, you just have to turn the page and move on.
“If I had no love to give I wouldn’t give it to you.” 
If you’ve got no love to give, baby don’t give it here.”
But ... like the song says in this summer of love , there is always hope in the search for lasting love:
“If you’re looking for a permanent mate, then accept me as your fate.” 

Ernest Kohl, recording artist and multi-talented performer, has become a celebrated force within the music industry with an impressive body of international hits. 
With 21 consecutive "Top Ten" smash singles, seventeen of which soared to the Number One position in Dance Music Authority (DMA), Billboard, Street Sound and Dance Music Report's (DMR) Top Fifty charts and Dance Radio charts, it's no wonder Kohl received DMA's 
"Best Male Vocalist" Award in 1990. 
From 1991 to 2012 he received nominations for "Song of The Year," "Best Producer/Arranger" and "Best Live Performer" as well as "Best Male Vocalist." 
In just a few short years, Ernest has also established himself as an accomplished producer, musical arranger, writer, actor, dancer, director, choreographer and chairman of his own independent production company. 

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