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9 Ιουνίου 2013

Thomas Bainas 2nd album "Passion and Desire"

 "Thomas Bainas,  DJ and composer, has produced a steady stream of engaging Italo Disco, but with Passion and Desire he has stepped up his talents to another level.

The first cut, "The Journey and The Return," sets the tone with a seductive groove of lush keyboards and ethereal strings.
"Blue Eyes," an international hit in the Italo Disco underground, is awash with stirring neo-classical piano, over which Bainas, in sotto voce, croons a poignant story of lost love.
"Andromeda," takes the listener on an intergalactic musical journey propelled by a Jean Michel Jarre and Giorgio Moroder-like Euro-boogie groove, while "Angel of my Heart" and "The Passion (Story One)" features Bainas intoning deeply moving lyrics over a delicious melody.
Other delights include "Waterfalls," "Sonata" "Dark Desire" , trippy tracks with an unstoppable Italo groove, the memorably sentimental "Ocean Blue," and "Atlantis," which features a majestic melody and haunting vocals by Magi X and finally "Muse from pierian Mountains" and "Perases k eixes sta mallia" two different touches on the work of Bainas.
Thanks to his prodigious productivity, Thomas Bainas has become an established name around much of the Italo Disco world. 
And with Passion and Desire he has given birth to a 12 song opus of wondrous beauty that is sure to expand his popularity into new corners of the world."
                                                                    Michael Jaye 
                                                                    (Producer - Composer.  Los Angeles)

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Thomas Bainas "Passion and Desire" !!!
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    Tracklisting : 
1. The Journey And The Return 
2. Blue Eyes 
3. Andromeda  
4. The Passion (Story One) 
5. Sonata  
6. Angel Of My Heart  
7. Waterfalls  
8. Dark Desire 
9. Muse From Pierian Mountains  
10. Ocean Blue 
11. Atlantis 
12. Perases Ki Eixes Sta Mallia  


Thomas Bainas - Blue Eyes

Listen all the songs of the Album ...

Review on "The Electrogarden Network" by Rix Roundtree - Harrison 

"I was reading a review about Thomas Bainas’ album "Passion and Desire" and the writer called it "Greetalo" (a combination of Greek and Italo), I disagree with this description. Though “Passion and Desire” contains elements of Italo disco and traditional Greek music, the album is far more than just that. 
“Passion and Desire” is filled with lush electronic soundscapes, sweeping instrumentations, infectious dance rhythms and a varied mix of other musical styles and influences. Thomas Bainas' work evokes comparisons to the works of others such as Cerrone, Duran Duran, Sarah Brightman, and Georgio Moroder. 

"Passion and Desire" is aptly titled as it evokes both those emotions. It arouses a passion for the music and the desire to hear more. The Greek Gods of legend are notoriously renowned for their passions and desires. Thomas Bainas comes across like a product of those passions. 

When you listen to the songs of “Passion and Desire” it will become clear that Bainas is without a doubt the master of musical romance. He adroitly mixes music and romance so well it's as if he were the offspring of a union between Aphrodite (Goddess of love) and Apollo (God of music), and just like the Greek poet and musician Orpheus, Bainas also charms with his music. 

Just as Greece did eons ago, Rome also influenced the ancient world. Rome's Italo disco influence is felt in Bainas’ tracks "Blue Eyes," "The Passion," and "Angel Of My Heart." "Blue Eyes" with its sexy romantic vocals, contains thick keyboards rhythms, yet it is very human and very organic. “The Passion (Story One)" and "Angel Of My Heart" both contain sexy romantic vocals cloaked in mesmerizing electronics and a thumping drum machine. 

“Passion and Desire” contains several exciting instrumental tracks. There is the Georgio Moroder like "The Journey and the Return", "Andromeda" which sounds like a soundtrack to a special effect laden sci-fi film, "Sonata" an electronic onslaught with an oh so engaging throbbing bassline, the soothing and hypnotic "Waterfalls," "Dark Desire" in which the keyboards tinkle like rain drops into the vast ocean, "Muse From Pierian Mountains" comes across like the soundtrack of an earthy action/adventure movie yet it's danceable in a musical theatre sense, the soothing non-danceable and atmospheric "Ocean Blue," "Atlantis" which has a classical new age feel complete with a Sarah Brightman sounding singing siren, and "Perasa ki Eixes Mallia" another non dance track with male female Greek vocals, accompanied simply by a guitar and a piano, it's exquisite. 

Sexy and seductive are the sounds of “Passion and Desire;” it’s a combination of electronica, synth pop, Italo, new age, instrumentals, and traditional Greek music with non-electronic instrumentation. It is hypnotic engaging organic accessible and versatile, painting ethereal soundscapes that are at times ambient, otherworldly and even a bit dark wave. Filled with musical arrangements so haunting and infectious once you get the excellent grooves of “Passion and Desire” into your head there will be no getting them out. "
(© 2013 Rix Roundtree-Harrison) 

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