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9 Δεκεμβρίου 2018

Stereo in Solo "Flowers on the moon" (Thomas Bainas 80's version) 2018

Additional Synthesizers, Arranged, Drums and Computers Programming, Mixed, Mastered by Thomas Bainas (Greece - December 2018).  Music, Lyrics, Lead Voice, Guitar, Synthesizers and Computers, Arranged and Produced by Thierry Noritop (France - 2018). "Flowers on the moon" is the first single from the album "Somewhere out there". Remember STEREO "Somewhere in the night", "No more" or "Moonshine" from the 80’. After the return of the band in 2014 with the album "Back to somewhere", STEREO in SOLO is Thierry Noritop's first solo album, one of the two members of the French band.

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